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News 11 Jun 2021 - 00:06


Sensaprecious Bonus

Now, Alfa-Bank card top-ups are not only fast and easy but also profitable! Thanks to a new and unique function, you can earn cashback not only for purchases but also for topping up your account from other banks’ cards! You just need to top up your account with another bank’s card in Sense SuperApp and get a bonus of 1% from all the top-ups every month.

For Caméléon cardholders, such a top-up must be made without using the credit limit.

Select a debit card account on the desktop or in the Products menu and click Add funds.

Two top-up methods take part in the promotion:

- from another bank's card;

- via Apple Pay (for iPhone users).

The promotion key terms:

- 1% of the top-up amount is accrued as Cash'U bonuses.

- The minimum amount of the top-up that participates in the promotion is UAH 100,00.

- Only debit cards and a Caméléon card and top-ups in hryvnia take part in the promotion.

- The maximum amount per client is 500 bonuses per month.

Got Sense, but no Alfa-Bank card? Just 5 minutes — and you have the card:

• install the Sense SuperApp digital bank on your smartphone;

• choose a service package;

• pass identification through the Diia app in 5 minutes or through video chat and activate your card;

• go to the card account on the Desktop, click on Top Up, choose a convenient method (from another card or via Apple Pay).

Official promotional offer rules