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News 01 Apr 2021 - 10:04


5% cashback on jewellery from SOVA

Exclusive jewellery and trinkets from the SOVA Jewellery House, with a 5% cashback from Cash'U CLUB.

SOVA Jewellery House does not follow the fashion trends set by others, but creates and sets new trends in the world of Ukrainian jewellery. With over 20 years in the jewellery industry, SOVA Jewellery House has rightfully earned the title of the trendsetter that knows how to give a surprise.

When shopping in the SOVA stores throughout Ukraine and online at offering a huge selection of gold items and designer jewellery, you can get a 5% cashback to your Cash'U bonus account.

Give SOVA jewellery as a gift, because that’s completely natural to let your happiness shine!

Official promotional offer rules

* Bonus limit per client per month is 200 Cash'U bonuses.

** All cards are eligible, except for A-Club cards, co-branded cards and travel cards.