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News 27 Aug 2020 - 00:08


10% cashback on tires, wheels and tire fitting

Get ready to change the tires of your car in advance in order not to overpay later.

Take advantage of promotional offer from Alfa-Bank and sales and service chain of tire centres

Pay for tire fitting service with your card of Alfa-Bank; buy tires and wheels in Tvoya Shyna tire centre or in the on-line store and get 10% cashback. There is a free delivery to Nova Poshta or to one of the 16 tire centres.

Appreciate a huge range of tires and wheels, as well as warranty service and delivery to any region of the country.

Detailed terms and conditions of the promotional offer can be found at the following link.

* Maximum cashback limit per month – 150 bonus points per one customer.

** All card products of Alfa-Bank participate in the promotional offer, except A-Club cards, co-branded cards and Travel cards.