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News 01 Oct 2020 - 07:10


SPA weekend near Kyiv

Both psychologists and common sense recommend arranging a vacation outside the usual environment once in a while. A weekend at a five-star hotel with a SPA is a perfect option. And to win it you will need 90 Cash’U bonus points, which will become a ticket to the giveaway. These are going to be unforgettable two days and two nights near Kyiv. You can be sure of it. So, the more exchanges you make, the better are the chances for winning.

To apply for participation in the prize draw until 30/10/2020, please follow the steps below:

1) open / install Alfa-Mobile Ukraine app (please find out HERE how to install the app), select the Cash'U CLUB section to see the Cash'U bonus balance;

2) if you already have 90 or more Cash’U bonuses, just click on “Gifts”;

3) choose "SPA weekend near Kyiv” from a list of draws/ prizes and click on it.

4) and the last step - click on “Participate with 90 bonuses”.

The Special Offer Rules can be found HERE.

The draw winners will be announced until 15/11/2020.

Good luck!

Sincerely, your Cash’U CLUB