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News 01 Jul 2021 - 10:07


Cash'U Holiday: Surprise Day

We do not change our traditions and continue to celebrate absolutely all holidays in the year. This time, we are making a Surprise Day drawing! This special holiday is charged to win!

What prize can make you happy on such a wonderful day? An apple laptop, of course! The thinnest and lightest model made it to the top due to a powerful chip. The laptop can cope with any task easily and quickly thanks to the amazing speed of the 8 core processor and its battery charge lasts for 18 hours.

To participate in the drawing, you need to buy a chance for 10 bonuses and pay at least once with your Mastercard card. The more chances you have, the closer the victory is.

How to get a chance:

1) Open Alfa-Mobile Ukraine or Sense SuperApp (read HERE how to install the app), go to the Cash'U CLUB section, where the current balance of Cash'U bonuses is indicated.

2) If you already have 10 or more Cash'U bonuses on your account, you can click on Gifts / Prizes and Promotions without hesitation.

3) Select Cash'U Holiday: Surprise Day from the list of prizes and click on it.

4) The last step is to click on Take Part for 10 Bonuses / Buy a Chance.

You can read the official rules of the Cash'U Holiday: Surprise Day promotion HERE.

The promotion is valid from 07/01/21 to 07/31/21.