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News 01 Jul 2021 - 00:07


40 Liters of Gas

We are raffling off 10 certificates for 40 liters of high-quality fuel from a popular gas station so that your car flies and flutters!

To participate you need to:

1) open Alfa-Mobile Ukraine or Sense SuperApp (read HERE how to install the application), go to the Cash'U CLUB section, where the current balance of Cash'U bonuses is indicated;

2) if you already have 40 or more Cash'U bonuses on your account, you can immediately click on Gifts / Prizes and Promotions;

3) select 40 Liters of Gas from the list of prizes and click on it;

4) the last step is to click on Take Part for 40 Bonuses / Buy a Chance.

The promotion is valid from 07/01/21 to 07/31/21.

P.S. The more chances you buy, the closer the victory is!

You can read the official rules of the promotion HERE.