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News 12 Jul 2021 - 00:07


We are celebrating the Cash'U CLUB birthday!

We dedicate a bunch of joy and love to the Cash'U CLUB birthday! Today we are three years old! During this time, we managed to:

  • accrue more than 500,000,000 bonuses for 1,337,150 users

  • exchange almost 300,000,000 bonuses for money for 355,000 users

  • hold more than 135 draws for 111 370 users

  • give almost 2,250 incredibly cool gifts

Aaaand... most importantly — 49% of winners only buy one chance. Almost every second prize is taken by the participant who has spent the minimum of bonuses. It means that the victory is closer than you can imagine!

Therefore, we won't stop and are already preparing many new promotions and drawings with fantastic prizes, which we carefully select to delight you more and more often!

And, in honor of this special and joyful day, we will give 100 bonuses to users:

  • who have been with us, received bonuses every month, and chose categories for all three years

  • who participate in draws every month

Date of reward: 12.07.2021.