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News 01 Dec 2020 - 09:12


Cash'U CLUB is ready for the holidays! How about you?

In December, there is a wonderful holiday tradition: everyone prepares to celebrate New Year’s Eve, looks to buy gifts, plans ahead the way to celebrate, chooses location, people for the New Year’s holiday celebration, and does shopping. And we want to remind you of another good tradition - choosing new categories in Cash’U CLUB to make shopping on New Year's Eve even more enjoyable!

By the way, a big event taken place recently is a launch of our new SENSE SUPERAPP mobile app. It will substitute Alfa-Mobile Ukraine app and add even more “stars” to our Cash’U CLUB.

Just download SENSE SUPERAPP on your mobile device from App Store or Google Play, open the Cash’U CLUB section and choose the categories to earn cashback.

To earn more bonuses, choose from special offers. In December, you can get an extra cashback from our top partners:

- 10% cashback when you rent or purchase movies at MEGOGO,

- 50 Cash'U bonus points on orders at,

- 7% cashback on orders at,

- 5% cashback on payments at Glusco filling stations,

- 10% cashback on purchases in TM Conte stores and online,

- 5% cashback on purchases at Citrus - a network of consumer electronics/accessories stores.

You can get your cashback as money to your account or try your luck at participating in a prize draw of cool gifts. It seems to us that this is exactly what everyone would love to find under their Christmas tree just because it is:

- the most powerful “apple” iPad ever,

- fifth-generation game console – the latest gaming novelty,

- weekend in Bukovel to perfectly combine relaxation and active recreation,

- real Cash’Ufall of bonuses - 20 gifts of 1,000 Cash’U bonuses.

To get all the benefits from Cash’U CLUB:

• go to SENSE SUPERAPP mobile app or Alfa-Mobile Ukraine app, the Cash’U CLUB section, to check the balance of your Cash’U bonuses;

• choose the cashback bonus categories in this month in the “Categories” / “Higher Rate Categories” section;

• go to the “Prizes” / “Gifts” section to select the prize draws you want to participate in;

• plan purchases taking a look at available special offers.

 Good luck!