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News 01 Jul 2021 - 00:07


Watch out, it's hot! July, categories, prizes - straight fire!

The outdoor thermometer hints that it's time to prepare to go on vacation, and the beginning of the month hints that it's time to choose new Cash'U CLUB categories. And then to win cool prizes! Tickets for MONATIK performances and RitmoLOVE merch, cool gadgets or a lot of Cash'U for other wishes.

New cashback categories for July are waiting for you in Cash'U CLUB section on Sense SuperApp.

You can also find special partner offers in Prizes and Promotions section. This month the extra cashback is accrued for purchases below:

  • 10% cashback at online perfumery store;
  • 10% cashback on orders at Foodex24 online supermarket;
  • 10% cashback at Cooker online supermarket;
  • 10% cashback when you rent or purchase movies at MEGOGO;
  • 5% cashback at online store;
  • 5% cashback on purchases at Citrus - consumer electronics/accessories stores;
  • 5% cashback on jewellery at the SOVA Jewellery House;
  • 5% cashback on payments at Glusco filling stations.

In Prizes and Promotions section you can redeem the accumulated bonuses for chances to win prizes to every taste such as modern gadgets, unrestrained performance drive or author merch. You will need luck more than ever, because we are giving away:

  • UAH 50,000 for a travel;
  • 25 000 Cash'U bonuses;
  • 400 litres of fuel, 40 litres for each of the winners;
  • 50 pairs of tickets for Monatik summer performances and 80 sets of branded RitmoLOVE Shop merch;
  • “apple” brand’s cutting-edge laptop;
  • action camera, quadcopter, the fifth generation game console.

See the detailed information and Cash'U CLUB rules here.