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News 01 Apr 2021 - 00:04


Choose cashback rewards for April!

Which buying experience is the most pleasant: planned, impulsive or everyday purchases? With Cash'U CLUB – any purchase! The important point is to choose the categories with the most lucrative cashback rates and get cashback during the month. Even more enjoyable - taking advantage of extra perks and just winning what you want!

To get your cashback in April, you need to go to the Sense SuperApp digital bank, Cash'U CLUB section, and select the spending categories that will be most likely on your shopping list this month.

Each Cash'U CLUB member can choose: out of 2 categories - for beginners, up to 7 - for customers with the highest status. Thus, increasing your “Cash'U status” is money-making. The easiest way to do this is to shop more. If you pay from your mobile, you can get a 0.5% cashback on purchases not only in the categories of your choice, with no limits on the amount you can earn.

You can accumulate cashback faster from participating in our partners’ special offers. The list is always available in Sense SuperApp. This month you can replenish Cash'U points, when making the purchases below:

  • o 10% cashback when you rent or purchase movies at MEGOGO,
  • o 10% cashback on purchases in-store and online at TM Conte,
  • o 7% cashback on medications at,
  • o 5% cashback on purchases at Citrus - consumer electronics/accessories stores,
  • o 5% cashback on jewellery at the SOVA Jewellery House,
  • o 5% cashback on payments at Glusco filling stations,
  • o 4% cashback when you shop online at Your Tire store.

The accumulated cashback can be received as real cash put on the Alfa-Bank card, or redeemed for valuable prizes that will be drawn in April:

  • o the latest “apple” smartphone,
  • o electric scooter, gyro-scooter and electric bike,
  • o 5 instant print cameras,
  • o 30 premium subscriptions for 3 months from Megogo,
  • o 10 trendy hoodies,
  • o 1,000 Cash'U bonuses for each of 20 winners.

All Alfa-Bank clients can become the club members. All you need to do is to log in / install the Sense SuperApp mobile app, click on the Cash'U CLUB icon to check the rewards balance and membership status.

At the beginning of each month, the members choose the categories where they can earn cashback. The categories are updated monthly. After the bonuses are accrued they can be put back on the card as real cash - up to UAH 5,000 per month, or spent on valuable prizes drawn every month.

See the detailed information into rules.