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News 01 Feb 2021 - 00:02


Cashbacks and gifts for every taste in February!

No matter how unstable and unpredictable the month of February is, it will start absolutely predictably - with new categories from Cash’U CLUB. The cashback categories in February are already available - all you have to do is go to SENSE SUPERAPP and make your choice. Even more – you can redeem your bonuses for chances to win cool prizes!

As always, you can choose from 2 up to 7 categories depending on your status. Make more purchases and increase your status, and your account status in Cash’U CLUB as well.

In addition, you can earn more cashback owing to promotions from the partners. Go to the “Special Offers” section in Cash’U CLUB to find:

• 5% cashback on payments at Glusco filling stations,

• 5% cashback on purchases at Citrus - a network of consumer electronics/accessories stores,

• 7% cashback on medications at,

• 10% cashback when you rent or purchase movies at MEGOGO,

• 10% cashback on purchases in-store and online at TM Conte,

• 20% cashback on delivery of flowers and gifts from

You can try your luck at prize draws of valuable gifts, this time, like never before, they are diverse and for every taste, i.e.:

• “apple” earphones,

• smart watches,

• electric grills,

• gold jewellery gift cards,

• high-quality fuel gift cards,

• 1,000 Cash’U bonuses to each of 20 winners.

If you are just at the outset of your journey with Cash'U CLUB, we will remind you of the main benefits and conditions of the club membership:

• Install SENSE SUPERAPP (if you haven’t done it already), then go to this mobile app, select the Cash'U CLUB section to check your Cash’U rewards balance and your status.

• At the start of each month, select the purchase categories to earn cashback. The categories are updated monthly.

• The greater cashback, the higher your status and, accordingly, the more categories to choose from - up to seven.

• You can get up to UAH 5,000 per month as money into your card.

Plan your February shopping taking a look at the selected categories and participate in our prize draws - and your mood will not be spoiled by any February weather!