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News 26 Nov 2020 - 11:11


Black Friday – maximum cashback!

Black Friday shopping is a festive occasion in itself, when you can please yourself with great bargains and buy everything you want, and even a little more. But how a shopping holiday can be without the most attractive offers from Cash'U CLUB? Here is a list of promotional cashback offers that will be a great gift for your "big purchase".

25000 UAH cashback from Alfa-Bank. With Red Mastercard® card, the traditional Black Friday will turn Red – after all it will become bright-red from dynamic shopping. Catch your doping for shopping - we will draw a cashback of up to UAH 25,000 for all purchases made from 20.11.2020 to 03.12.2020 and five lucky ones will get back all the money spent on purchases.

This is only the start of the best Black Friday cashback offers. And these are partner promotions and guaranteed cashbacks!

10% cashback on everything at ROZETKA. This is one of those times when cashback can be accrued literally for everything. Because all that can be found on ROZETKA website. Pay for purchases on with a Visa card marked "Rozetka seller" and get 10% cashback.

5+5 cashback= 10% at Citrus. We are always waiting for the right time to buy gadgets. And the time has come! Alfa-Bank and Mastercard will give extra 5% cashback on each purchase in addition to the current Citrus promotion. All together – 10%. Pay with a Mastercard card from Alfa-Bank Ukraine in any Citrus chain store throughout Ukraine or on web-site and get your cashback in Cash'U CLUB.

And many more other cashback offers. You can also make use of them for big and small purchases on Black Friday:

- 10% cashback in stores and on TM Conte website,

- 10% cashback on rental and purchase of movies at MEGOGO,

- 10% cashback in online store and in “Tvoya shina” tire dealer and repair shop

- 10% cashback on EVA.UA web-site,

- 7% cashback on orders at

- 5% cashback on payments at Glusco fuel stations,

- 5% cashback on purchases in Citrus electronics and accessories chain stores,

- 50 Cash'U bonus points for an order at

We wish you a perfect Black Friday!