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Fresh kesbeke update!

  • Get the most cashback of up to 20%!

    Choose up to 7 categories with a higher cashback every month!

  • 0.5% cashback on payments with a gadget

    with Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • Get real cash rebates on your purchases just to the card

    up to 5000 UAH per month

  • The more cashback you earn, the higher your status!

    The higher your status, the more categories with a higher cashback you can choose! Choose up to 7 categories per month!

  • Use the stock from partners Cash’U CLUB!

    After all, they are added to all the above cashback rewards!

  • Take part in the cool gift draws

    i.e. smart gadgets, home appliances and entertainment equipment, tickets to the sought-after concerts, travel certificates, restaurant gift cards, and many other gifts.

  • Conveniently manage the program Cash’U CLUB

    in Alfa-Mobile Ukraine app


Do you have any questions?
Get answers below.

How will I know how many bonuses I have?

All earned bonus points are displayed in the Cash`U CLUB section in Alfa-Mobile Ukraine app

If you have not yet installed the mobile app, please click the link to do it

What happens to bonuses if I exchange / return a purchase?

If you exchange / return goods, the bonus points credited after the purchase to the bonus account will be deducted. You can return the goods for an exchange or refund only at the point of sale the goods have been bought. This process is regulated by the applicable laws of Ukraine.

When do the bonus points expire?

Bonuses earned with Cash`U CLUB Program have no expiration date for the clients making at least 1 transaction per year in Alfa-Mobile Ukraine app.

The Bank reserves the right to cancel the bonuses earned with Cash`U CLUB Program in cases stipulated by the Cash`U CLUB Program Rules.

How to choose “Higher Categories”?

- Log in or install Alfa-Mobile Ukraine app

- Select the Cash'U СLUB section

- Tap the Higher Categories button ® on the screen displaying points balance

- Choose from the list of categories offered by the bank (once a month).

- Pay with the card and earn higher bonuses on your purchases!

Where can I see my transactions and accrued bonus points?

- Choose the Cash'U СLUB section in Alfa-Mobile Ukraine app

- Choose the History of Accruals and Debits section on the main screen showing the points balance to see all transactions with bonus points being credited or debited.

What are “Promotions” in mobile app?

Starting April 1, 2019, the new Promotions section was added to Cash`U CLUB in Alfa-Mobile Ukraine app, which contains the information about ongoing promotions s that will reward you with additional bonuses. For more details, please see the Rules in the Bonus Accrual section.